Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas Gift Ideas

I love giving gifts! It is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I love spending time looking to the perfect gift for every person on my list. Something that tells them I put thought into what they would like and what would make them feel special. There is something special about seeing someone open a gift that you put a lot of thought into.

However, as much as I love gift giving there can also be a lot of stress associate with it. The idea of shopping and facing the crowds of crazy shoppers. The money that can be spent can make you feel like your budget is out the window! The idea of buying one more toy for your kids! So to help you ease some of the stress of the holidays I have compiled a list of some fun/unique gift ideas. Hope this helps!

For kids:

-Classes (gymnastics, dance, swim lessons, soccer, etc.)

-Parent child date nights

-A trip or vacation

-Memberships to the zoo, museums, parks, etc (This is the gift that gives all year!)

-Games for family game nights

-Books (I think kids can never have enough books!)

-For more ideas check out this great list!


Spouse/Significant Other:

-Planned date night (including planning the event/restaurant and arranging childcare)

-Tickets to an event (concert, play, symphony, etc)

-Coupons to help around the house/yard (helping them with their jobs or doing things they want done around the house)

-Picture collage or calendar for their office

-Books or devotionals you can read together


Parents/Grandparents/Aunts and Uncles/etc.:

-Crafty gifts. My kids love to make crafts and I find that grandparents love to get these as gifts (it a win/win for me). I am not super crafty but found this great list of crafty gifts that even I can do.

-Picture gifts. I have given our parents photo calendars for the last several years and it is always a big hit. Anything picture related goes over well!

-A family tree. Make one yourself or find one on Etsy!

-Coupons for dates with the kids.

-Coupons to help them with things they need done.


Others/Misc Gifts:

-Cute mugs with coffees, teas, and cocoas

-Family movie basket. Buy a popcorn bowl and fill it with movie treats and a new movie. (This is a great idea of families on your list).

-Homemade treats….really who wouldn’t love this?

-Gift cards for restaurants and/or coffee

-I love this list of creative mason jar gifts…they are so cute!

-Do you know someone getting married next year? How about the gift of premarital counseling? It’s a great investment!


I hope this list helps. Overall, just remember to think outside the box this holiday!


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  1. Another great post! I love all the lists of ideas of things to make and do. Thanks Kelly for your posts. I read every one.

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