Premarital Counseling

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While today’s weather isn’t a great indication Spring is on the way! And with Spring comes that busy time of year for young couples….wedding season! This is the time of year when wedding planning is in full swing as couples gear up for those busy summer weddings. While picking out dresses, caterers, djs, flowers, and wedding cakes couples often overlook an important aspect in their wedding planning….premarital counseling!

When couples come in to see me for marriage counseling one of the first questions I ask, especially if they haven’t been married long, is whether or not they received any premarital counseling. Overwhelming the answer is no, and if they have it was often more ceremony planning with a pastor than premarital counseling. Having worked in a church counseling center I have often seen couples who feel like they don’t have time or money to invest in premarital counseling. However, I would always encourage them to think about the amount of time and money they were investing in their wedding, one day in the life of their marriage. With premarital counseling you are investing in your marriage and that is a lifelong investment.

So, if you or someone you know is getting married this year I encourage you to invest in your marriage with premarital counseling. For $650 I offer a premarital assessment using the Prepare/Enrich inventory and 7-10 sessions of premarital counseling. Trust me, this is an investment you won’t regret!

(Parents and grandparents, premarital counseling also makes an excellent wedding gift!)

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